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The Many
Paths to ride

Two wheel rides can take you many places around the globe — your journey is your choice, we’re here to help you get there! Whether you’re looking to become an avid motorcycle rider at the track, on the trails, in your daily commute or just looking to check the “Learn To Ride A Motorcycle” item off your bucket list, we can connect you with the right individual or school.

Coaches for every level

Learning to ride a motorcycle is like learning another language, it can be self-taught but without a teacher or coach, one will never become fluent and never get the true perspective. If you want to experience motorcycling to the fullest, a coach can help guide you there. Whether you are a first-time rider, a leisure rider looking to sharpen your skill set, or an advanced rider looking to compete with the sport’s top athletes. Expand your horizons, recruit a coach and become fluent in riding motorcycles!


The U.S. Motorcycle Coaching Association was created to grow the sport of motorcycling through quality coaching of new and returning riders. USMCA Certified Coaches have completed the core content, agreed to uphold the USMCA values and Code of Conduct, passed a national-level background check, are knowledgeable in basic AHA or Red Cross First Aid and CPR, and have taken a step toward the management of concussions and how to detect signs for heat illness and cardiac arrest. Certified Coaches are certified by two board members or have completed an in-field evaluation.


Connect with a Certified Motorcycle Coach to Enhance Your Motorcycling Experience.

Getting Started

For those new to motorcycling, a USMCA Certified Motorcycle Coach will help you get started the right way: ensuring a great experience by teaching proper safety, building rider confidence and making sure the rider is comfortable every step of the way.

Getting Back Into Our Sport

If you have taken time off from riding and are excited to make a comeback to the sport, we believe a USMCA Certified Motorcycle Coach is the best person to help you excel upon your return. Our coaches can ensure you have the right bike and equipment to enjoy your ride while helping you brush up on your riding skills and assist you in planning your next adventures in the sport of motorcycling.

Building Your Riding Skills

A relationship with a USMCA Certified Motorcycle Coach will enable you to set goals and build on your motorcycling experiences as you gain confidence and explore new types and levels of riding.

Learn A New Discipline

Maybe you are ready to try an entirely new type of riding? A USMCA Certified Motorcycle Coach can guide you as you plan and execute your next motorcycling experience safely and confidently. Most life-long motorcyclists learn and become accomplished in multiple types of riding. Now it’s your turn to add another category to your resume!

Connect With Other Riders

Your USMCA Certified Motorcycle Coach is the best person to introduce you to other riders in the motorcycle community. Our coaches are connected to the industry and can inform you about upcoming rides, gatherings, races and events that can add more fun and broaden your motorcycle experience.

Are you looking for a coach?

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